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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Here are a few options, pick one and I'll do it for you

Not exactly the same models you are looking for but it's tough finding the exact same model. Go to and browse the skins section if none of these links are what you're looking for.

@Naruto will you please put all that weaponsinfo between spoiler tags if you really want to share that here (they stretch out the page so much).
Originally Posted by Homyans View Post
Well Since nobody is requesting anything I'll request: G11 (For GTA SA)
And Killerfist my dear dearest friend I'm sorry if I Have caused you some trouble I understand that you might be disappointed from me but It wasn't me It was my friend And I Guess my friend went a bit rude on you so I'm sorry about that.
Also Naruto can you teach me how to silence weapons I Have added Silenced flag but people still hear the sound?
@ Killerfist: I'll try.

@ Homyans: The only solution I got is to use the silencer sound provided from the guns pack like this one:

OR the one made by bigretard:

BTW, once the sound is installed with GTA IVaud editor and SparkIV, of course adding "Silenced" flag is necessary, so it will look like realistic and peds won't scared of silenced guns (note that they can only hear buzzing, but I bet they don't know where it is coming from, just take a look of New York City, which it has large number of peds and vehicles, that's why the NYC known as the "City that Never Sleeps" like we are playing right now). However, when Niko, Johnny, or Luis holding the gun, they look surprised, but if you fire it close with a ped, they run away like a scared dog.

If you have TBoGT, test my newer version of my Realistic Weapon Mod, the P90 has a silencer attached, which it's a congenital from Rockstar Games. It's more realistic than last version.

Note that the P90 is just an example. You can test it with a mod made by RNK Firearms from the link I provided above.

Other than that, I have my plan to release "Blood Prison Guns Pack"; full Russian guns (Import and Export) in one glorious pack for GTA IV and EFLC. I'll do it again as I did to Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack made by myself (means crediting to original author and other shit) and something that I will provide in the pack: (Guess what!)

Plans of release will be on this weekend or next weekend. Just wait!

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