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Great ideas!

I've been reading these 16 pages with lots of smiles and laughs. Tons of great ideas most of which I agree with. Some are kinda scary, ie: "I wish we could start fires." Some are kinda stupid. I think everyone here has taken not only their experience from the GTA series, and Rockstar in general, but other games like Saints Row, Mafia, and so on. I love the ideas of having everything be usable, like cranes, trucks/trailers, boats, planes, construction equipment, etc, etc. Also, having more interactive buildings with interiors. Having more things to use your money on, like a safehouse, or regular home. I've always wanted a huge warehouse where I can store unlimited cars/trucks. (Saints has it!) How many people here have tried cramming cars into their garage in SA or VC even though the door keeps closing on you!? Tow trucks, and a AAA towing service would be great. (Side missions too!) I agree with better on foot controls, being more fluid and not so clumsy. Bicycles need to return. Being able to customize my cars and not just paint jobs, but if I want a blower on my Dukes I can have it. I wouldn't ask for "real cars" in the game due to licensing problems. (You guys do want this game soon right!?) People with the PC version can put any real car into the game anyways. Console guys and girls will have to suck it up. I don't know that anybody has mentioned it, but some really challenging and sick stunt jumps. Better AI not only for Peds but also cops/police/military. I for one don't mind more challenging missions, or just general life in the city. I really like the idea of different areas having different crime rates. Depending on the time of day/night, you could get robbed or stabbed. One phrase: LCPDFR!! I bought a new laptop just so I could play this Mod! F-ing awesome! Please add more police side missions to GTAV, including the ability to level up and become a Sheriff or something. Like many people have said, different choices throughout the game affect you later. If you run over 50 people while on a mission and the police are chasing you they just give up when you reach a checkpoint. (Oh, he's ok now, he's doing a mission, let's not bother him) They shouldn't just give up, they should keep looking for you. If you were driving a Red Turismo when you commited the crimes, they should be looking for that car for awhile. Imagine coming out of your hideout and the police are checking your ride! Or knocking down your door in your hideout!! Oh, I could go on and on. But I won't! Keep up the good work guys and girls.
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