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Originally Posted by NikoFromIndo View Post
About that SR-3M I'm gonna convert 2 more options
so it'll have 4 options
-w/o attachmentss
Notify me via PM when done.
Anyway, you sure about the foregrip? You said before that the hand will clip if you apply it.
And about the PSO-1 scope, why don't you ask Push?
It'll be cool if you convince him to work on your mod you have, well with that PSO-1 scope.
I got a special WeaponInfo that inspired from CORE.MAX2010's M21 Mk14 EBR Sniper Rifle mod (just before I joined this community around 2011).
Here's some WeaponInfo cut in the Flags Section.
The FIRST_PERSON flag would be crucial or optional if PSO-1 scope attached on SR-3M. That's what do I want. What do you think?

Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Sure go ahead, you can also just PM anyone here to ask stuff like that. Since this is a weapon request thread after all.
Thanks, Killerfist. You're da man!
I'll credit you before publishing, so the people will not think that I'm made it. I'm just a regular WeaponInfo modder, you know?

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