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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
I don't play GTA 4 that much anymore, I'll leave the testing up to someone else
Then I need your permission to upload your Beretta M9 Silenced with my custom WeaponInfo to gtagaming, please.
I can trust you 100%.

Originally Posted by NikoFromIndo View Post
I can add the foregrip and the silencer but not the scope
note that if I add the foregrip the left hand will clip with it
The scope is from Push's mod here:

Can you rip the scope and apply it to SR-3M like the pic from Wikipedia?

Originally Posted by Ripper1990 View Post
Weapon Requests from Ripper1990 [aka Reaper004 or Tim]

IMI NEGEV NG7 {as shown in image, designed to replace the AK47 or M4}

Thank you very much for your consideration and considerable work on all of the custom weapons for GTA IV designed by the various modders mentioned in this thread, it is very much appreciated!

Just searching on Wikipedia and found this:
It's an Israeli Light Machine Gun, perfect for TBoGT M249 replacement.
I wonder if someone find it and convert it for him and me...

Originally Posted by NikoFromIndo View Post
Trying to change up my mind on publishing the Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack.
Instead of Glock 17 by Riot-MH, why I don't use your Glock 19?
We know each other on PM, so I think you can understand this:
What do you think of the weapon clip size I found on Indonesian Wikipedia compared with yours?
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