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Originally Posted by NikoFromIndo View Post
Not gonna argue about things going on up there

@Naruto 607:
It's ok, you can use my weapons and one from RNK Firearms too
in fact I'm looking forward to it , love your weaponinfo.xml line btw

I converted a Vasht SR-3M(taken from here a few weeks ago, just haven't released it cuz I'm too lazy to take some screens
so if someone willing to take a screens I'll give the file to you
prev from OpenIV
Wicked sick! I'd really want it, though.
BTW, send me the file via e-mail or post at this thread. I have my 4Shared Shot application ready to ROCK!

Oh, just the thing if you want to e-mail me your weapon, my e-mail is, and you can't miss it.
Cheers, NikoFromIndo.
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