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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
I'm assuming you still want that one

Here you go

it has 3 versions like you wanted (but the LAM+silencer will always be black, so I suggest using the black version). I also added a sound (silenced) I still had laying around from a previous mod. I hope you enjoy
Okay, I'll go and test it on the weekend soon.
I, umm... well, how am I gonna say this?
Oh, I have a plan to update your famous Urban Weapons pack from this link:

The description of the weapon pack:
- Same weapons like yours by RNK Firearms, but I changed the style of weapons, so it don't look like plain or something. What do I changed here is the Glock (taken from the mod by Riot-MH), M4 (taken from M4A1 with Attachment Options by shonenlex), and Bolt Sniper (taken from M24 SWS by cjisntgay). Some additions like M590 shotgun by butterhole is in it too.
- Featuring TLAD and TBoGT Compatibility for players who have EFLC. I mean, weapons from gta4-mods or gtagaming is featured to look like close to something that Rockstar Games has (just like the name of the weapon pack). For example, the CZ75 in TLAD replaced with the new one from NikofromIndo and M249 in TBoGT replaced with the new one from Push, featuring black version with M145 scope. There are some weapon additions that will replace old IV weapons with the new one based on the EFLC selection choosed (for example the M4A1 from shonenlex replaced with M4A1 with scope from CORE.MAX2010 and JhoWadr).
- Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo.xml (IV and EFLC) and default.ide (TLAD) made by me from robrabbitman's Realistic Weapon Mod v0.9 plus Real Immersive Weapon Sounds for IV and EFLC Core by polapop, edited with various immersive weapon sounds by me.
- Unofficial, because some of the authors like YOU don't want to reupload the already published weapons in one pack, or don't want to reupload the weapons by other user (but minimally, I added credits to the weapon authors, not like GtaThundersmack that forgot to give credits to authors of the weapon pack he published without any clear purpose). So I need permission from you to agree this release of the new Urban Weapons pack before this weapon pack is on air.
- Models compiled into the .IMG file for simple installation.

And hey, thanks for my humble requests on this thread. I maybe plan another weapon requests later, but I need permission on this updated Urbam Weapons pack before I publish it. I'd like to hear it from you. If the permission is denied, I wouldn't publish it and use it for my own purpose.
God Bless You. Cheers.
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