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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Every scriptmod should have 1 .ini and 1 .asi file, just right-click the .ini files and select 'open with -> notepad'

the ini file is called something like 'cofiguration file' for simple native trainer it's called trainer(.ini) the .ini part will probably not be displayed in your folder.
kool, understandable..

now i have another issue.. i have asked this in tbogt board.. but didnt get a reply yet.. so m trying to replace cars in bogt.. but the handling, carcol, and vehicles data is nothing but gibberish

in GTA IV.. the carcol, vehicles, and handling directory was fine and was editable.. but for TBoGT.. when i open any of these files.. this is what I get..

"SDFA \-/=]^?iv
OZ79Cg~l!oI֨m=vF` xyOu7
rk;] fI,IBh=: &=,N˥o$?KK.|~:b B?imYf"7dg '*LhiӓME6FT%k馥L Q_Qz }mcp ˑ˶X b!
bVs&j!ňKv"9z^lo`̓Ԓ 06a ЈGΉ=5PG.Twa(̦X)Ȍrfw'LU=]UH+f׾.vj-;uTۛ7MOn*3?*"3jd }1\c AėuzzMs=:4exwcWJ6\<٘Jh6 9\[B{f{($/!I+V$BdsEht=|u d2,{ʸ4X\8m/\O|^:p:ʂ 9&J:jc."9aFo1z ~ *WrB5.\O??ý=7V;@%h
a ˱@ɏAuZ, MaaI4d[뱹@E/w ̍>JJ!t}6q gqw9 (1C|[VY0.Q-#Eh,Li97 X}P_o6 ¼F7hK("

now i have no idea how to edit the cars.. :/ please help with this too if you can! thanks.
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