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foad.fakor has a little shameless behaviour in the past
man why are you taking things so serious. that time i didn't know some guy gonna make it.
and still its not as good as your mods. if you see the comment about that mod that i wrote
you will see that i wrote the good and bad things about the mod.probably he just saw our conversation
and made one. so please change you idea about us we just wanna be friends. and I'm talking politely
and I am not one of those guys that swear at and persuade you to absolutly do sth.and I think if the owner of PPK
see this he is gonna be mad. so I am so sorry. but please killerfist change your mind about us.
and we really forgot to tell you about it cuz we thought you will see it and you did. but man please have some scene
of humor and try not to get mad easily.


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