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Originally Posted by The Gunner View Post

I have some questions to the ENB Graphic Mod 2.1c from Vulgadrop. Perhaps somebody knows it and can help me.

1. Are there some disadvantages or bader graphic compared to a ENB mod running on I've read that ENB only has full power on

2. Is the sunrise/sunset like a orange sunrise or is it the ugly one like in Icenhancer?

3. Is there the red sky bug?

4. Is there already a blood mod included or can I use a blood mod?

5. Should I first install this mod and after that other mods or this mod at last?
Yes there is a red sky bug in this, and inside environments are really dark and washed out. It does have a blood mod .The textures are improved over the default but are capped at a lower screen resolution. Over all IMO it's too dark for my playing tastes.
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