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foad.fakor has a little shameless behaviour in the past
My man killerfist why don't you answer me I didn't mean to bother you. If I did I'm so sorry. I'm
Satisfide with nikos and he has done and always do nice works. I'm even using his p99 for gta IV.
The time that I didn't have account I asked a friend to ask nikofromindo to resize his weapon but he
said he couldn't. I was going to ask from him to create..... ofcourse to convert but I have been a little bit
Shy. So I realized that you take some requests. AND NiKOFROMINDO IF YOU SEE THIS Notice that I
Still like you and your works and I'm again not asking to resize your weapon because of me I just wanted you
Not to get misunderstood.
THANK YOU. Your mod lover (foad.fakor).
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