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Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Just follow these steps:

- Open SparkIV, browse to pc/models/cdimages and open up the vehicles.img
- Import the files , which should be renamed to 'dukes' (.wft and wtd) if you want to replace that one
- Then hit Save and exit sparkiv (don't use the rebuild option)

- You might want to change the handling like described in the readme, but the car itself should work ingame

You don't need a texteditor btw, just select 'open with' and use notepad to open it.
That's what i did with OpenIV, and i see the Charger i replaced the dukes with, but when i spawn it in game, its still vanilla dukes. maybe i didn't click save, so i will try that.

And no, this is my first attempt at doing car mods.

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