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Getting Fatal Error - Uncoverable Fault

Alrighty, I know there is lots of this kind of threads, but my problem is kinda weird:

-downloaded first mod of this page: the nissan 200SX (banshee)
-installed it with sparkiv, like the other mods aswell(which have worked correctly this far), also replaiced all the given lines for handling etc.
-so went to hunt for this car and turns out it looks still like banshee
-so im trying it and notice the handling lines are custom atleast
-went to save WITH the banshee
-installed it again with sparkiv(this time i really installed it, must have forgotten the first time i appempted )
-when loading the game the nissan is there
-works fine
-after like 30 minutes, the car gets wrecked and im jacking another banshee right away
-when driving the jacked car for like 15 seconds, i get this FATAL ERROR - Unrecoverable Fault and it crashes the game as usual
-so went for little investigation and turns out every time i get in another banshee than the one thats saved in front of my apartment, i get this crash after like 10-15 seconds IF i attemp to drive it (just sitting in the car won't launch the error)

Anyone else had this ever?
Does it cause the crash if i mod a car which is saved as "not modded" vehicle in game?
How come I am able to drive only this one banshee i've saved?

Also, I have one Mercedes(feltzer) that cant get too wrecked or it crashes the game w/o any error messages like the above one. Always when the engine gets too smoky, the car gets major damaged or the cops are shooting at it I get this "GTA IV has stopped working message".

But the Mercedes problem ain't that big, I can live with that because atleast I am able to drive it.
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