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Originally Posted by Push View Post
I suggest just upload it to even thought edsir had already created one doesn't mean you can't make one with a different version. I am pretty sure that there will be a lot of people who would like this one with an optic attached and also so people who like it can easily find it
Wicked, man! I want it! But... I think I should wait for it to finish before I can use it in my game, right? Kinda slow, but, ah... I can only play GTA at weekends only; parents are watching me at home, because weekdays aren't allowed. Lots of job in home.

Originally Posted by Killerfist View Post
Hey guys can you please place large items between spoiler tags , so they don't mess up the page?

Just use these tags [*SPOILER*] [*/SPOILER*] (without the *) and place the img url with img tags between it
Oh, I see. I didn't notice that before. I'll do that at the later posts. Thanks for suggestion, Killerfist.

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