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Originally Posted by thenotsogoodtrickster View Post
In this instance, "gangsta" is being referred to in the same way CJ goes on. How he speaks, how he goes on, living in the ghetto, being g, petty crimes and all that stuff.

I assume when "gangster" is mentioned, they mean it in the sense where the gangster is brutal, but also intelligent, powerful (both phsically and otherwise), and basically isn't a little bitch.
So to you, every gangsta are "little bitch" that have an strong language and does live in the ghetto all the times ?

No offense but i think you have a LOT to learn about them, and i think if one time you have nothing to do, i respecfully suggest to search (google it for exemple) some great (quality) documentary about the "street gang" (or "gangsta").

Originally Posted by victim View Post
Simply put, CJ was a follower. He always did what the people around him wanted him to do; be it Sweet, Toreno, Tenpenny. He was pushed around constantly and wasn't really ever in control. I wouldn't even describe it as hate.

Did Carl Johnson have ambition? Outside of a desire to free the ghetto from drugs and junkies, I don't think he did. He fell into most of his opportunities through blind luck, never once actively searching for a way to better himself. Going back to my example of 'gangster,' Stringer Bell is described as "ruthless and completely devoted to his work, eliminating threats to [his organization] as soon as they appear. Stringer's ambitions can be seen as a mirror of capitalism played out in the urban underclass."

There is the stark difference between a gangsta and a gangster. A gangsta has a devil-may-care approach while a gangster has a reason for the things they do. Compare Scarface to Doughboy from 'Boys n the Hood' for another example. Gangsters are defined by their ambition.
i think there is an misunderstanding heres, i wasn't really talking that character of "the wire" but more of the "afro-american" guy (or black guy for better understanding), so i reinterpret what i said before.

If the guy from we see actually at the screenshot is an "gangsta" rather than an "gangster", it's very obvious (from my point of view) that's he will get the same amounts of hate that CJ has go.

and then what you say about CJ is irrevelent, did you actually really followed the story correctly ? from what i see not so much, and honestly i have seen too much opinion like yours, it's problably your opinion but from all the things i have seen about that, it does look exactly the same as the ones that i've seen before.

And let me say that, warning spoiler :

From all the argument they had against CJ, the most popular one among CJ haters is, without a doubt, the incidence where he begs Catalina not to shoot him. This is taken as proof that he was scared of dying, disregarding the possibility that CJ might be simply putting on a scared lover-boy act to get in her good books. Considering how Catalina was the only and most important source of money (that CJ was in desperate need of), that was a smart move IMO. Also, their belief contradicts with the scene where he asks Toreno to just kill him when he finds out that he is alive. Not to mention, the incidence where a suspicious T-Bone Mendez holds him at gunpoint and persuades CJ to tell him the truth with CJ successfully managing to fool T-Bone into believing that his suspicions were wrong. Him being scared of Catalina is also contradicted when he mouths her off after beating Claude in the race.

And much like you, an another favorite argument among of CJ haters is the fact that CJ was pushed around by Tenpenny. They claim all this and never seem to realize that CJ worked for him only because CRASH had held Sweet hostage in prison. His one move of defiance could mean tons of suffering inflicted on Sweet.

Originally Posted by Xan View Post
One is semi retarded and the other acts like he had a proper education, homie.
Semi retarded by mean ?

If you post while engaging an conversation with someone other,while not giving an real explanation with it ?, too lazy maybe ?

also like i said on my previous post that was more or less misunderstanded (and above in this post), i don't necessary talked about that character of "the wire", but more of the guy in the screenshot.

I hope you understand, my friend.
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