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Originally Posted by jordo85 View Post
hey guys, i love your work and i know this has been done before, but i really the style of this gun
if you could convert it or teach me how to either way would be very great
That model has been converted by NikofromIndo.

Originally Posted by Naruto 607 View Post
Hello there. Your "gunsmith" friend, Push, gave me the link to this weapon request thread.
I was wondering if um... making a request of weapons in this thread? Many of the users here tried to request a weapon at this thread and you "gunsmith" modders are very fabulous.
Anyway, I like GTA IV and GTA San Andreas since I was a child. My parents bought me a computer since 2008 and got a modem around 2010, but as I explore more on the Internet with it, I have found many San Andreas Weapon Mods at gtagaming website.
If I can make a request on weapons here, I'll send you a link or picture tomorrow (for a start, I hope).
Just post your request. BTW you should at least try to post a 3d model for your request. Try searching gamebanana for your request if the site has the model you want.
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