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Okay here is my wishlist for GTA 5.
i ve read a lot of wishes that cars should be able to be customized or buildings should collapse or other weapons.which are good ideas and wishes but i would actually like it more
if the city itself would be more interactive and complex. not just a bunch of npc's walking around without a goal.
i m not going to say that every npc should have a fixed way or "life" but at least a few of them and here are my suggestion.
It should basically be a mixture of GTA4, Red Dead Redemption and Hitman

- be able to switch clothes. lets say you kill someone (bodyguard, police, firemen etc.) you can switch clothes.

- homeless people. this is pretty easy. create some alleys where homeless people hang out and make them go to different parts of the city during the day/night to find food or beg for money.

- mayor of the city or governor of the state . Somewhere in the Main City will be a Compound/Mansion where the Mayor lives and also the city hall. The Mayor/G will be an "intelligent" NPC. Means he will have a daily/weekly routine. This routine can repeat itself after a week. The Mayor will of course be protected by the secret service. so if he goes somewhere the Secret Service will follow him in the normal black SUVs and they will be armed. So lets say the routine of the Mayor is Go To City Hall. Sit in Office. be in Meetings. Go Home. Walk Around House. Have a fundraiser party. go to sleep. same procedure next day.
every 3 weeks or so he will go on a vacation for a week. so he will drive to the airport and get in a helicopter or plane. because of this you will have different options. first of all you can follow him and find out the routine. and if you wanna kill him you have different options to do so. you can storm the compound. sneak into the compound. follow home a bodyguard and take his position. blow up his car. become his driver (by following the driver home and take him out). it also should give the option to kidnap people with a bag over the head or handcuffs (similar to RDR). you could maybe buy a warehouse and build it out. to store drugs or weapons or cars. but you could also have the ability to put a hole in the ground or a holding cell where you can keep your kidnapped people.
now back to the Mayor. Lets say the Mayor gets killed. First of All an Investigation/Manhunt should start. (depending on witnesses or evidence. so there should also be a police squad. see later on)
it should everywhere in the newspaper/on tv etc.the alert level of the city will rise. more people will stay at home or more police will be out etc.
If the Mayor is only kidnapped a FIB Team will investigate. (So in the City will be a Police HQ and an FIB HQ which will both be accessible). with clues. You will have an informant in the Police and the FBI (no real character) and you will get text messages like "FIB found Warehouse.ETA 30 Minutes. So you can decide if you go back to the warehouse and face the police or if you release the Mayor or if you burn down the warehouse to remove all evidence. (in case the Mayor dies. There will be a new Mayor after 2-3 Weeks who takes over the position.)
You should also have the option to explore the Mansion. Like as a Waiter at a party (so waiters need to be special characters too). so you could sneak around the Mansion and maybe find the Mayors Bank Account Information at a local bank. so one other option would be to either fake employment at the Bank to empty the account via computer. or to Rob the Bank. This will lead the Mayor to be poor and to end up as a homeless on the street. the steps in between need to be produced via newspaper etc. like Mayor broke. resigns from position etc.

- the same thing as the Mayor but since we are in LA there will be a hollywood so there should be like 10 celebrities that work the same way as the Mayor. They live in Mansions. Are protected. only difference they work at movie studios. or go shopping in expensive stores. go to movie premieres.
same options apply for these "intelligent" npc's.

- another thing would be the police or FIB. Not all the Police will be "intelligent" but there will be 1 Police and 1 FIB Squad for you. so if you did something one squad will investigate. so you can either take out that team. or just the leader. or burn the evidence. or follow them home and bribe them etc.
These are all "bad" actions. but you should also be able to do good. lets say you have a fake police uniform you can decide to help the case and go after the bad guy.

- which brings me to the next point. Court Rooms. There should be Court Rooms or at least one. where you go if you are caught by the police or just as a visitor. the whole trial shouldnt be shown. you can select a defence if you want to or select a lawyer (by price) and then the dice will roll and you are either guilty or not guilty. not guilty you walk out free guilty you go to prison. (prison comes later.)
lets say you go in the court room or to the door of the court. where you can read a text of the case. what happend. if the guy/girl is guilty or not. (it gives you a hint if a person is innocent or not.) so after you read the text you see the verdict being spoken. if a guilty guy is guilty he will go to prison. you can either decide to go after him and take care of it (when you think justice isnt served.). if the guy is guilty but is judged not guilty. same thing. (as always there need to be consequences. so newspaper article or tv show about it. that talks about the case if you interfere. so if you kill the guilty guy. the news will report it and depending on how it went you will become a hero or not)

- Prison. The Prison should be alive. like if you get arrested. you can decide to break out or get out by good behavior or with bribes or just stay in prison until sentence served.
if you stay in prison you will have the prison routine. (what we see in movies and tv shows. walk the line etc.) you can start brawls. or go to the library and study on skills. there will be one Boss in the Prison that runs the show. so you can be his friend or enemy and take care of him and take his position and do deals in prison or create a riot.
If you are not a prisoner. you should be able to either break out people or get a guard uniform and do a mass release of everybody. or blackmail, kidnap the head of the prison.
(and again. Breakout will alert the police. which raises the awareness and danger lever of the city so the city will adjust to the situation.)

- race sensitive. since the game will take place on the westcoast it should be race sensitive. not too sensitive but a little. and what i mean by that is that if you kill a specific amount of a racial group and get away or get a good lawyer to get you not guilty. there should be riots of some kind. or alternatively if you see the cops beat someone up you can interfere. (and if the tv camera or so sees you you will become a hero.) or you can help the police and be charged too.

- keep track of your crimes. the police and yourself should have a file of you crimes. so you can become most wanted. or just being recognized on the street by the poilice. but the police shouldnt always be on you. like after a few days after they cant find you it should be a cold case. it will still be added to your file. and the police will still look for you but indirectly. so theres not always a police car coming in on you all the time if you are wanted. it should also help if you get cosmetic surgery to create a new existence.

so i got banks, prison, police, court, mayor, celebrities and homeless people covert. anybody with more ideas like that?

oh and i would like to see tazer guns. (for kidnappings, reducing wanted levels on break ins etc)
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