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UI and trainer problems

Currently the Interface is in another language or something, the letters are like * etc,
like some old korean starcraft thing idk. I just need to know if there is any way to fix this?
Comes out like this;
,$ ] & *a<6 hD fO
zZ V\tl Rg6c„ .w” m w« d֫ Ȩy ‹ ˜ Rʬ m Œ;4 \š@ :%r ɣG" \xGƬ `!Ԭ 2ŸS _•K iE * 6c|* 9
* I(* &Šš6* `F*
B`* k7—n* œP|* Q*Œ* 2
‰** €T* )–* ‡z* w`|* ‡…n“* 8!G* Ry* •* “\ .Aj ,' 6 ‚7` žQ† sNCš "E- 7l˜ Œ]—Š k†& 9—M: i;\ `•v *nuˆ 'š z1F =C̯ r# 7• {K [
(4 –A'N }? b S„ Vg˜ < f
Nʰ a ™n@ R`"ڱ {’ h $l kƒ MQH Xlڵ F
< ž~ >8(˜ ]c
Y=Q0 <PB &wR t3|\ uG#d ̹ A€H v*좺 P= f.4 0L V!}> ae0T d*v „ VZK9 þ+л I“ ,6„ 0p( ,{bH ‡L` 2f:| v* ƒH ŲŽּ w1 h‡) €E9. 8J an f*eŠ hԽ \޾ Š!L IŠ ޻‡ƾ ]€‘ —>. ”˾b 2Zž {
lп @5$ F8 Œ
Stuff like that

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