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The Business Movie

Hey guys, were are proud to present our 12th GTA IV movie, The Business. If you have 20 minutes to kill, or are interested in, check it out

Tagline: My father started the New York crime syndicate; The Gulianni Family. I guess I followed in his footsteps...
Genre: Action/Crime
Release Date: March 6th
Year: 2012
Run-time: 23 mins

Another one of our latest movies involves stilldre's Red Dead Desert Mod. It is one of the first plot led GTA movies to use it. If you have 15 mins, check it out!

Tagline: The desert is not to be taken as a joke...
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Release Date: January 17th
Year: 2012
Run-time: 15 min

Check out L3-e's Movies at:

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