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I'm glad you're using a few of my mods.

How about another? Real Reload makes reloading more tactical. It stops the game from refilling your clip when you switch weapons, and it also makes you lose ammo when you reload with bullets remaining in the clip. So it's a bit more important to reload at the right time.

There's also Cautious Drivers by BR_Goianiense, which makes most NPCs keep their car doors locked while they drive.

And Realistic Driving & Flying makes vehicles handle more like in real life. I use the version with realistic vehicle damage as well, so smashing into a wall at 100mph can kill a car.

Related to that, I recently made another "car crashes hurt you" type of mod (like Crash Injury) for someone who requested a deadlier, more customizable version. I haven't released it, but I'll send you the MediaFire download link if you want it. I didn't want to copy the features in BR_Goianiense's mod (I already copied some of his other mods in Arrest Warrant ), so mine is a bit different. Crashing your car upside down or sideways hurts 5x more, and you can press Left Alt to put on a seatbelt, so you'll take less damage and won't fly through the windshield.
My humble GTA4 realism scripts:
Arrest Warrant notoriety system with cop alert meters
Bank Account store money at ATMs and earn interest
Deadly Wrecks car wrecks hurt, seatbelt helps
Weapon Weight weapons and ammo slow you down
Weapon Storage store weapons & ammo in safehouses
Real Reload more realistic reload model for guns
Hide Radar hide the radar & health bars for HUD-free gameplay

My specs:
Q6600 @ 3.0GHz || 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM || GeForce GTX 570 1.25GB
24" LCD @ 1920x1200 || Windows 7 Professional x64 || GTA4 v1.0.4.0

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