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my wishlist, kind of an addition to my old post...

- more customization options on cars ( possible engine swap, tuning, handling, coil-overs/lift kits) After seeing the nitrous on cars in 4, i was bummed you couldnt access it outside the mission.
- more stuff to buy, with the new trailer showing for sale signs on homes, ability to buy homes, stores, etc..
- better vehicle mechanics, in 4 acceleration felt awkward, car swayed dramatically, etc...
- a story that tops RDR, RDR had an amazing story and a really big twist
- use of motion scanning like LA noire, facial expressions were magnificent
- have some returnable cars from previous GTA titles, diablo stallion, cartel cruiser, yakuza stinger, mafia sentinal. maybe special "boosting" missions
- accessible trunk, duffle bag ( if available), etc... LA noire had the first feature
- more choice driven missions that would have later meaning
- better sound effects in the game, engine noise, guns, sirens, etc..
- and as said, all the crazy cheat codes that made past GTA's fun!

i think thats it for now..

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