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Originally Posted by j0wnz View Post
Dont go too crazy its always good to enjoy day by day the mods as there is tons out there and look through tho mods rather then just to download a random one.
Glad to hear your making some progress.
And Your Welcome ;D
Indeed my friend. I only pick cars I like, and I think would fit in

Appreciate your help!

Originally Posted by Killerfist666 View Post
I'm guessing the rebuild button made your previous actions undone .. that must've been the issue. Well good that it works now.. if you want simple native trainer working just make sure you have the right patch and the right version of dsound.dll and scripthook.dll
Indeed it did, stupid button! ()

Thanks for the tip on dsound & scripthook, might be the issue, but I don't think I will be trying the Native trainer agian anytime soon!

Appreciate your help as well!!
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