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Originally Posted by Killerfist666 View Post
Well I don't think you should hit the rebuild button, I don't know exactly what it does but maybe that button makes you're previous action undone. Try doing it without the rebuild button and only the save button. Also I suggested the car trainer because modded cars are less likely to appear in traffic so it could be the case that they are in the game but you just didn't see them in traffic. Did you see the cars you modded in default form (indicating that indeed the car mods don't work?)

If you really can't figure it out .. just send me a zip file with all the car mods you want (upload it on mediafire or something and give me the link via PM). I'll put them in for you and return the vehicles file to u.. all u have to do with that is replace the orginal.

If you'd like it this way, make sure you delete the file immediatly after recieving the updated file from me, wouldn't want to piss off any carmodders for hosting their files.

*Edit* nevermind the pm, email me at I don't think you have PM rights just yet
Ill have to try to just save without rebuild! Good point!

I also thought of that that the cars won't appear in traffic, but thats not the case, ive seen some of my "modded" cars i replaced appear in traffic, but with the old original skin. I even sat in them to see the name of them , and it was the modded car. That sounds great my friend! Appreciate you trying to help me! Btw the trainer diden't work, the game diden't start, but I replaced the dsound.dll, or deleted it, not sure, but it works now!

Ill try the "save" feauture instead of rebuild Thanks!!!

Originally Posted by j0wnz View Post
Also another simple reminder is to start the game from the beginning because when you use a saved file from a previous game it will tend to crash GTA IV or also its known to crash cuz you have cars saved near your safe houses, make sure of this after you have installed your mod to use a new game file or a game file without the cars on any safe house parking lots.

I used my previous saved just fine.. altho I had to remove the cars on the lots and save it again without anycars and mine loaded fine.

I really don't want to start from the beginning, that just blows cus Ive made alot of missions. But I may try to remove all my cars from my parking slot! thanks!

Guys I just tried the "Save" thingy, and I my Comet on my parking slot was an Alpha Romeo (One of my mods) Damn I got thrilled! started cruising around the city and looking for more, did not find..haha! Hopefully all my mods work! Ill try download a few more and hope Ill spot them!!

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