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Originally Posted by Killerfist666 View Post
Well I'm using patch myself and am still using the graphics mod from that link. I still haven't found any graphics mod looking better than that one (and I've tried some out, also the update you mentioned). But all in all it's up to the uploader.. I'd say backup your files and try some mods out and see which one you like best
I'd also recommend watchin a few of the youtube videos to see who has the ICEenhancer or ENB series configs looking best for you! theres lots out there!
Also you can fine tune the graphics to really sharpen and ehance your game. I had my GTA looking like Movie style graphics but I messed around too much and didnt back up my settings before changing other settings! so try to learn what does what and what is good for your GTA IV version

Sorry I cant point out to what mods out there but jsut a lil advice theres tons you gotta find the mods that you like or appeal to you. some like crazy stuff others like realistic type mods.
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