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Well thats good news actually, that 1.7 IS moddable. Killerfist, after each replacement of cars, I "Rebuild" and "save" just to be sure.

Really annoying because of all the handling, vehicles & carcols editing..I hate that, and still the car mods doesn't work..that pretty much sucks.
But what shall I do to make v 1.7 moddable from the scratch? I mean should I use xliveless or something? Thanks guys!

Edit: I may try the trainer just to be 100 % correct.


Is that something I may use? If it doesn't work with that application, I may miss some files to make my GTA moddable?

Well my game wont start after testing the trainer, I have removed all the files, and even replaced those who were replaced, and still it wont launch, damn trainer!

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