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GTA IV v1.7 Moddable?

Hey guys, I really need your help!

Ive been playing this game a couple of years now, and I love every little bit of it!

But what I never, ever experienced before is modded cars. Ive tried, alot actually, never worked.

Ive reinstalled many many times and tried, no work.

Now im on v.1.7 and tried to install iCE Enchanter mod, and I intsalled Xlive.dll, filelist & ScriptHook.dll

I guess..that makes my game moddable, I had a problem with saved games, I coulden't find them, had this before, had given up, but I found it now, and I though screw iCE Enchanted mod, ill just mod my cars, so I started downloading about 10-15 cars..yea, really 10-15 different car mods, did everything trough SparkIV with handling.dat, carcols and vehichles.dat whatever, still doesn't work! I don't know what Im doing wrong. IS v 1.7 moddable!?!

Im using w7 & Retail version ( Not Steam! )

Excuse my bad english!

edit: Yes I am starting with Launch GTA IV
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