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Reservoir Dogs Mod

Hi there! I'm Jennifer

I've been looking all over the net for a Reservoir Dogs mod, but I can't find anything anywhere, so i decided i needed some help to make it myself. i'm on the latest version of GTA4 and I have both native trainer and spark

I'm really new to modding this game, so any and all help is appreciated. if i may tell you what i'm trying to achieve, perhaps some of you amazing modders can assist me in this

I'd like to make/find a suit for Niko that is as close as possible to the one worn by Michael Madsen in the movie

I'd also like to make/find the cool black sunglasses, again, as worn by Madsen

Ultimately, i'd really like to be able to import the Michael Madsen voice work and/or skin texture used in the Reservoir Dogs PC game and overwrite the skin/dialogue Niko uses. (although i'm aware that might be too much to ask and honestly i'm not sure if it's even possible)

Thank you for reading this and I hope you'll respond
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