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Originally Posted by Lukeyy19 View Post
perhaps you could buy and sell houses, over time house prices, will fluctuate randomly according to the area and other factors, perhaps amount of crime in the area if its really detailed, one idea is, a news report on the radio saying 'in other news there has been a recent increase/decrease in house prices in the so and so area' and you could then check your property/s in that area, and if you manage to catch it you may be able to buy a house while its cheaper, wait, and then sell it on for a profit, or perhaps by a derelict drug den, pay some money and have it pimped out, which you can then keep for yourself or to see what the market does, or sell on for a possible profit?

it's a nice way of making money if you want to put the effort in, but if you don't want to it doesn't matter, you can still just buy and use the properties as safe houses.
GTA should develop their in-game property buying system:
- Every district should have at least one safehouse and business to buy.
- Each safehouse and business has different interior.
- Every business will generate income from the day the player bought it but if they want more there are missions to unlock those business as a front.
- An information like maintenance cost/employee salary should be shown before buying certain safehouse or business.
- If the player unable to pay those taxes, authorities will confiscate their safehouse/business until they are able to redeem it.
- The player should be able to loan money from the bank or loan shark but if they couldn't return it on time, one of their assets will be confiscated (in case they dont have any assets, police will arrest them).
- The player could get more money to loan from the loan shark but higher interest and risk too, A hitman will be sent to hunt them down if they forgot to pay.
- Safehouse or business can be sold.
- But if the player doesn't have any safehouse or business left, they can not save their game because save point are only appear at bedroom or office.

I'd also like to see:
- Buyable vehicles, boats, planes, weapons, outfits except rare types.
- Garage with door at safehouse.
- Dense city and island resorts.
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