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Arrest Warrant testing

I've been working for a while now on version 1.0 of my Arrest Warrant mod. Like Minecraft's Adventure Update, you might call this the Vehicle Update. I've added a bunch of stuff related to vehicles! And also several non-vehicle things.

The script has grown so large and complex that I'd like to do some closed testing before release — I say "closed", but basically anyone who asks can test the new version.

Two rules:
- You need PM rights (i.e. 10 posts or more), or some other way I can send you the download.
- You should provide bug reports and/or other feedback.

Big thanks to anyone who volunteers!

Here's an abridged list of changes in the update:
- Police can identify vehicles.
- Police can tail vehicles (poorly).
- Stolen vehicles are often reported.
- Traffic felonies alert police.
- When investigating cops lose you, they randomly guess which way you went.
- Improved detection of jumping, bumping people.
- Improved alert indicator flashing.
- More cop speech.
- You have to meet a contact to pay bribes.
- Police radio sounds disabled.
- Lower chance of being identified at night and/or in rain.
- More INI settings.
- Bug fixes, tweaks, etc.

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