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Originally Posted by bennifer3000 View Post
Great work.

The bridge in Part 1 is likely the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

It also should be noted that Venice Beach is roughly 30 minutes from downtown LA.
Many other places like the Tehachapi wind farms (with the turbines) is 1-2 hours outside.

So point being, this isn't "just LA". They're doing any and all surrounding areas + countryside.

On a personal note: I get ridiculously nerded out about about the reactive AI and dynamic particle effects. The wind effect on the tarps when the dude puts the top down on the convertible is sick...

Wow...good observation... when i first viewed the trailer i thouht it was the Gant Bridge in San Fierro,, but that was before the R* quote: "The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a 1,500-foot (460 m) long suspension bridge, opened in 1963, crossing the Los Angeles Harbor in the U.S. state of California, linking San Pedro, Los Angeles, with Terminal Island."

Maybe they'll include Terminal Island as playground???

possible map outlook?????

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