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Originally Posted by shegeek72 View Post
The AI is unpredictable. As Niko was walking out of Roman's cousin's apartment in Bohan that preacher dude across the street had two guys arguing with him, calling each other names and such. I just stood there and laughed.

Another time I shot this dude outside a Cluckin' Bell who was packing, so I got his gun and money. Of course, that got people screaming and running. Waited for the police to get on my ass, but nothing happened, so I started shooting out tires of passing cars. Some would accelerate away veering all over the road, others just panicked and drove over ANYTHING, including trying to drive over my SUV! So I stole another car (taxi) and that got the cops attention for "grand theft auto"! A wild chase ensued with several wrecks until the cab was wheezing and smoking, but I outran the police! It was exhilarating! Wish I'd gotten it on video!

Weird ain't that huh, sometimes you just shoot your gun and you get a star right away, and sometimes you can kill several people until the cops finally show up.It's also quite realistic, i guess there really aren't any cops around when it takes so long for you to get a star and vice versa.
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