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Even though I know the game is almost finished, I still think they can consider these ideas for the next GTA game, whatever that might be.

-Make the strippers boobs and ass jiggle when they move. To add realism. ...*cough*
-It would be cool if Rockstar can put Secret Societies in the game and you have the ability to join one through initiation. You would have an upper hand when it comes to working in the underworld.
-Put a real bigfoot or ratman or ratface in the next game this time. Geez. I spent 30 minutes looking for the rat thing one night. 30 minutes of my life, wasted.
-I loved the train systems in San Andreas! Bring that back why don't cha?!
-Make the next game PS3 move compatible. It would be cool if you can lift objects and throw them on your opponent by using your real hands. Punching your opponents anywhere on their body would be neat too.
-Don't put Lady Gaga songs in the game! Please!!
-The ability to recruit people to your street gang.
-The ability to play musical instruments. It would be cool to play in a band to a sold out crowd in some stadium. It would be a cool mini-game.
-Bring the RPG gameplay back.
-Bring basketball back, but make it fun to play this time.
-The ability to eat a lot of food, gain weight and charge at people with your big fat stomach!
-The ability to eat other people. Silence of the Lambs style!
-You should be able to watch the Spice channel on your TV.
-More easter eggs.
-The ability to pee in the toilet like in Duke Nukem 3.
-Not enough ninjas.
-The main character should either be Mexican, Italian, Irish, British or African American this time.
-The game should be based in Los Angelos. But if the game was based in Vice City, then that would be okay.
--Bring back gangster rap and alternative rock radio channels.
-Put Kanye West in the game and let there be a mission where you have to cut him up into tiny, little pieces with a machete!
-Have the ability to put yourself in the game with that PS3 camera.
-It would be nice if Sam and Dan Houser would put themselves in the game. Find them in some cabin in the wilderness and have a beer with them!

That is the list. Byeee.
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