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No Wanted Stars. Police realism, long searches., Suspect descriptions / license plate

When I blow things up in a crowded city, it seems strange that the police would stop looking for me or my car / license plate if I run / drive a short distance away. The mod Arrest Warrant seems amazing in adding recognition capacity / crimes that last over time, but I feel that we should go one step further and remove the 'chase-is-immediately-over-if-get-far-away' aspect entirely of 'stars,' and search radii, (except to calculate how many police forces to send.)

Instead, the police should do what they do in reality, put your photo (if they have it,) on the news and have pedestrians identify you. Put your license plate on the news / APB for other cops throughout the city. You shouldn't be able to keep the same car/plates just by fleeing a certain distance. And if nobody has a description of the criminal (no pedestrians with cell phones or police officers see the actual crime, they just report gunshots or whatever,) then you shouldn't be arrested if you try to 'blend in with the crowd' by slipping through a few alleys. As it is now, if I acquire a wanted star without anyone getting a description of my face (or maybe I wore a mask, etc.) even if I sleuth through alleys and change clothes and walk through the street, the police would still 'know' I was flagged, and that's pretty unrealistic.

I'm looking into how to script what I've described. If Arrest Warrant is possible then everything above should be implementable. Can anyone offer any suggestions as where to start? I looked at the examples in the ScriptHook install but it only lists a few functions. Does anyone have a link to the whole library of possible inputs? I must have overlooked it but I keep looking for documentation / API references for ScriptHook / anything to see how Arrest Warrant works and I can't seem to find it. Would greatly appreciate relevant citations.

*Not requesting that anyone else code this, just looking for references to start making it happen
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