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IMPROVED MULTIPLAYER INTERFACE AND SCORING SYSTEM PLEASE! (a.k.a. Save us from the top ranking cowards)

Hi everyone (just registered and writing my first post)
-I have loved every GTA game from GTA III through GTA IV.
-I have always just played on Playstations 2 and 3.
-I always played GTA for fun (though the online scoreboard is fascinating it turns great players into idiots)

From the first time I played GTA III it has been my personal opinion that GTA (any version which happens to be the latest) is simply the best computer game EVER. It has always been a lot of fun to complete the story mode several times and the side missions of earlier versions often gave players lots of additional fun apart from the fun they had in the first place, just roaming around and exploring. However, by far the most incredible addition to the longevity of a game in this series in my opinion, has been the online multiplayer capability of GTA IV. And though I have my dreams and hopes about what weapons, vehicles and destructabilities and what not should be in GTA V, I find them all insignificant compared to my hopes for improvements of a couple of multiplayer features.

The first thing that annoys me is the multiplayer lobby and I'm speaking PS3 here, as I've got no clue how this works on other platforms.. The worst thing about it is that the ONLY way to get rid of a passive host, is more than 50% of the players kicking him/her. The problem here is that more often than not, more than 50% of the players who joined have not figured out how to kick the host or perhaps don't even know that it's possible. Anyway, the result of this players often waste a LOT of time waiting for a game because some inconsiderate clown went to lunch or something while hosting a game. What we need in the new multiplayer lobby is an "auto kick feature" which will automatically either kick a passive host or pass on the role of host to another player, after the host has been inactive for say 2-3 minutes. There could be made other improvements to the multiplayer lobby, but none would be as urgently needed as the one I just described.

The next thing I think should be revised about the multiplayer part of the game is the scoring system. Now there's probably a lot of people who'll think I'm a son of a bich, but nevertheless... -My claim is that the scoring system turns most players with aspirations of a top-50 ranking into a bunch of p#ssies! It will hurt their ranking if they lose games, but not when they leave games, so what the scoring system entails is that these very able players only finish games which are a walk in the park for them to win. It doesn't bother me much that the top 50 players mostly plays Mafiya Work like a bunch of whimps if they're okay with doing that to achieve a high ranking instead of enjoying the game as such. What's annoying is how it affects other players to have a handful of very able (some downright unbeatable) players spending a lot of time playing multiplayer games they're only willing to finish, provided that they're facing considerably less skilled players who aren't a match for them. Most of the top 50 ranking players are never fun to play with whether you're a newbie who won't even get a glimpse of who killed them, or a more experienced player like me who can, at best, make these guys leave the game. I can't remember the last time I've seen a top-50 ranked player NOT leaving a multiplayer game when he's realized that he could not win.
I have no idea how the new revised multiplayer scoring system should work, as you score money in some game modes, whereas it's different in races. But to start with it would be great if leaving a game would hurt your online rank as much as losing the game. For sure it would be unfair and frustrating to get "penalized" this way if the internet connection is dodgy and you lose connection, but I think it would still be preferable to a scoring system which awards players for playing like a bunch of whimps who only plays against defenseless newbies or leave games before they finish if there's actually a challenge in winning. Another idea I could think of is to base the amount experience players score, on a comparison between your own level and the level of the opponents you defeat in the game. This would make it immensely rewarding for a newbie to get the drop on a "Rockstar" and the guys wearing the gold star would progress very slowly and have to play 10 times longer to get ahead if they were only fighting/racing against lower level players.

As soon as Rockstar has made features in the next GTA that makes it faster to get rid of inactive hosts and included a scoring system that awards players for playing the game and not focusing on finding the least challenging opponents available, I would like Rockstar to re-introduce the jetpacks, tattoos, SA-health/build system, diving in water and a lot of other things... -But they're all so insignificant compared to the above.

I hope what I tried to explain made sense to you guys...
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