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Originally Posted by Dr. Toker View Post
@CastorTroyy .... Unfortunately,no one has made a f355...i too have been waiting for one,i've also been waiting for a f348,essentially the same car.. but more of the predecessor to the f355, i love em both but i like the testarossa style louvers on the side of the 348 better! And i love the Mark 7 LSC too, back in the 80's my father had a Mark 7 LSC/GTC which were really rare! Personally i think it was more appealling than the standard LSC. Take a look at the pics i attached!

I know exactly what you mean with the 348 louvers. I've even been looking forward to a hard-top testarossa as well, but all I've ever seen is a spyder version.

Awesome to find a fellow Lincoln lover too, I still have mine, 1990 Bill Blass edition

Another car that interests me is the 1970 Plymouth GTX

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