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this was written before my trust worthy sorce told me anything...........

Originally Posted by iKlipse View Post
Again, pointing out punctuation and grammar. But thats only tiny compared to your entire post.

Nintendo releasing news about GTA V? No.

San Andreas Stories? There is NO San Andreas Stories, no such thing at all. There is The San Andreas Introduction Movie, that makes up for the 'Stories' franchise. They had no plans to release a San Andreas Stories because the 'Stories' franchise was originally a PSP exclusive and would not have fit on a UMD. They prepared for all this before fans cried out for a PS2 release of Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, in which Rockstar gave into.
i can prove it in less then three days it will be an official proof one which you all dont expect i am not waiting fir anything just wait for the proof in less then three days

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