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GTA V (Q4,2012-Q3-2014)

I just heard from an independant source which i will reviel later with proof which you all dont expect that grand theft auto five wont be announced this year but it is well into development the game has reached so far about 36% complete which is good for the time bieng and that the game will be released for xbox 360 and playstation 3 and that the game wont be released for pc.
the only reason why rockstar will release the game abit late and anytime between (Q4,2012-Q3-2014) is becouse they dont want the game quality to decrease they want the game even more better than all grand theft auto's released yet. the source did not mention were the game will be set or any details about the game. and they also stated that rockstar north is about to release one of the worlds top 2 games which will be agent and gta v .......... and that the studio are focused in these 2 games...........
so i can announce that the next gta wont be announced in this years e3 .................... and gamers must not be sad becouse it is worth the wait............. you all will see something you dont expect from any other game about these 2 games when they will be ready.
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