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Name: Dan

Age: 28

Home: Norwich, Connecticut, United States

Hobbies: Video games, music, sports and guitar, mostly. I don't have a lot of time to play games or guitar these days, with reponsibilities and all, but I still enjoy playing them. I love music and listen to it every chance I get! I'm also an avid follower of sports teams from the New England area of the US. Baseball is my favorite sport with hockey being 2nd. Go Red Sox and Bruins!

Favorite game: Grand Theft Auto series and Final Fantasy series

MSN Messenger and E-mail: I have MSN, but I'd prefer to keep that private at the moment.

Favorite music genre and band: I mostly listen to rock and most of its variations. I can't put a finger on what band (or person) is my favorite. Of late, I've been mostly interested in instrumental stuff (specifically guitar). Marty Friedman is my favorite guitar player, though his newer stuff isn't really my style. His former band, Megadeth, is one of my favorite bands. Others I like are Offspring, Stabbing Westward, Cacophony, Buckethead and many others.

I've been looking to join a GTA forum for a while now and found one that I think seems like it'll be a fun place to unwind. I'll enjoy discussing GTA with you folks and many other topics!

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