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I really need a HELP

Okay so i installed some skins for cars.I downloaded a car from movie "Tokyo Drift" and i renamed the files .wft and .wtd to sultanrs.wft and sultanrs.wtd. And then i opened SparkIV and installed skins over old SultanRS. When everything looked right, but when i started to drive and i wanted to turn it flipped me over and over. Its like the car wouldn't no weight or like a gravity force?.I mean when i had the OLD SultanRS it worked fine when i turned left or right or when i drifted.But now after i replaced it it was f***** up. For ex. If i turn right, then its gona flip me left on the roof, like big trucks in storms IN-REAL-LIFE. I know i sound stupid but please help! it happened with some cars but i replaced them with another and it worked, but i really want SultanRS as that Mitsubushi car. HELP PLEASE
Thanks! Vorpix

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