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My first login in over 4 years! Wow..

I want to see a San Andreas type of game. Not the storyline persay, but the extras in the game and the setting. The Jetpack, the customization of the player and vehicles, and the size of the map. I would even enjoy a remodelling of the map as they did in GTA IV for Liberty City.

I would like to use the driving physics and from GTA IV, also, because I love how the physics seem more realistic and you can drift or lose control more realistically.

For a character, I'd like some redneck type. Being from the country myself, I'd like to control a character more like myself.

For a storyline, I would love to see something of starting at the bottom as a hell raising Shine runner. Then he could step it up and join a drug ring. Have the game start out in the countryside as a poor guy working on a ranch who starts selling shine/marijuana in the country. He could be brewing shine in the mountains and could drive into the city to meet the middle man and sell dimebags to the country folk whilst also on side missions running drugs for the middleman to earn more respect. After he earns enough cash, he could then buy his own ranch and use his crop duster to pick up drugs from an island that could represent Columbia and bring them to his ranch and then deliver them via truck to the middleman in the city. Then he could move up to dealing in San Fierro. Ending the game, after building rep and respect he moves through the ranks up until he is living in Las Venturas pushing cocaine out of a slew of casinos under direct relationship to the connect in the Columbian style island.

Or maybe I've been watching too much "Blow" on this deployment hah.
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