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Originally Posted by GTAavatarsnavi View Post
it was just a fought but R* should consider fusing all the GTA's of course it would take alot of memory to save
the main thing that would please me is a huge map therefore when you complete the game you hav a large map to
play around in they sould hav more enterable buildings to without loading

I've always thought they should just make their own system that has only GTA on it, with all the GTA games fused into one, all redone with new graphics and all of course.

Would be a horrible investment, but I'd buy it! (Probably not for more than 100 dollars)

The series is getting tired, though. The missions are extremely repetitive. They ought to take some hints from the online RP servers in SAMP and MTA and break ground again by turning it into a completely player driven MMORPG. Again, risky investment.

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