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Lol, regarding the textures/people appearing as a solid object: was that on a console or the PC? On the PC: most likely the Graphix Card's ram that is "to full" so to speak: I got 1gb VRam, my settings say it's using 698/1011 MB, and after some while, people- and even ground textures start glitching like that too, it settles after about 10 mins playing in a area with "lower" activity.

Also, I tried posting about the "wobbly" camera but my post never got unlocked, so meh. It INDEED is the simulation of Nico's head movement/out-of-breath while sprinting for about 30 secs, as soon as he gets pout of breath, the camera starts wobbling a hair if you continue running, as soon as you walk normally, its fine again, and I thought I had something fucked up when I played with those *.dat files
In this vid ( starting from about 4:50 you can see what I mean. Just a basic head-bobbing simulation.
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