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Originally Posted by RollingStones View Post
I never opposed the rags to riches theme. I love it and I want it back. But your idea is awesome. Riches to rags to riches. That's a great idea and I hope that happens.

And about the main character: I... WANT... TO... MAKE... MY... OWN!!!!!!
Give is Create-A-Protagonist. Why that was never implemented is beyond me. I want to be the guy running around in the city and steal cars. I've been living vicariously through Claude, Tommy, CJ, Vince and al the others. Now I want CAP. And I wanna use the same guy online too. I want that! To me, that's more important than any other new feature GTA: Next might bring. It's a good idea and everybody would love it. We're on the next-gen consoles here. He doesn't have to be mute like Claude. They could make it with voice no problem.
Like Havok_Jro said we could get hit with a double edge sword, it could be good but if they don't give a variety of voices and and large dialogue then we could get a SR2 kind of game, but it is better to stay with what is not broken.
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