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Originally Posted by EuroDuardo View Post
okay since this thread has been revived i can help you again

Go-Kart - i accidently found it and i was so happy
okay, so i can't describe it well
but, if you remember the mission when you chase og loc, the place where the mission ends is the place of the Go-Kart
i will check it again and correct myself if im wrong

Slamvan - i'd say Cheetah is a problem, not Slamvan
you just have to cruise around the strip, vinewood, lowrider meeting vicinity

Cargobo - correct me if im wrong, but - santa maria beach near the lighthouse, near the place where the "beat the cock"-aton starts
im pretty sure that's cargobob

Mothership - two ways(excluding cheats)
1. Are u going to San Fierro? - when you take down the chopper, kill TT and take the car
2. Riot - you'll be spawned where the garage is and Sweet's Greenwood, Cesar's Savanna and Truth's Mothership will be spawned, all unlocked
i dont think they're something-proof, but this is also another way to get to Cesar's Savanna

Tampa - Tampa's pretty hard to find but i know two places where you can get it
1. San Fierro road that stretches from the docks to jizzy's bar - should find it there
2. LS, used car lot near Jefferson's motel - possibility of finding it there - 90%

if Euros hasn't been cleared out, it's in lv, under the camel toe i think

Now - where the .... can i find:
Mower and Mr Whoopee

i saw whoopee once but i forgot about it
but mower? only in Bully

proof there is one -------->
the mower is in a garden in dillimore if i remember correctly and the mr whoopee is up behind verdant meadows airstripe in that small town with the giant pecking chicken

you mentioned cargo bob which is found in area 61
cheetah which can be imported (only if you have exported enough vehicles or all)

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