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Originally Posted by bennifer3000 View Post
I'm at 90% completion. I haven't done the Insane Stunt Jumps or Find all of the Pigeons, but I'm not sure why I don't have 95%.

I've beaten the game, stolen all of the cars, met and completed all of the Random Character's stuff, done the Vigilante (this is completed with the "Mean Streets" achievement, yes?), done the most wanted, and unlocked all of my friends abilities. I'm pretty sure that I've completed all of my friends activities.

Do you have to do all of the activities with all of your friends? The only one I might not have done is Boating but that doesn't seem like 5% would unlock after 1.

Any thoughts?
This is not true because I completed the story a 2nd time round with no side missions and I am @ 60%. And I'll never get 100% because on one save I don't have the Stevie missions but have done the Friends, Activities and Vigilante missions, but on my latest save, I have the Stevie missions but I really cannot be bothered to do the Friends thing again. Maybe later on in the save but can't be bothered right now as it takes hours and hours.

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