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Grand Theft Auto: New York City

Grand Theft Auto New York City is a minor conversion mod that replaces many things in Grand Theft Auto 4 with their real life counterparts. This is a work in progress and I still have much to do. I have made a checklist on what I've done so far. This mod changes things like the names of the neighborhoods and their respective boroughs, taxi/Emergency Vehicles decals, advertisements, names of cars; icons, names and skins of weapons. This mod does not include any real car models as I have found it hard to locate downloads for many of the car's real life counterparts. Feedback is appreciated.

Boroughs and Neighborhoods renamed
oDukes - Queens
o Broker - Brooklyn
o Bohan - Bronx
o Algonquin - Manhattan
oAlderney - New Jersey
o Liberty City/Liberty - New York City/New York

Streets Renamed

o Dukes - Queens
o Broker - Brooklyn
o Bohan - Bronx
o Algonquin - Manhattan
o Alderney - New Jersey

o Renamed [10%]
o Permission from creators


o Renamed
o Real Life Icons


o Real Taxi Signs
o Real Subway, Bus Station and Billboard signs
o Things like the Statue of Happiness remodeled (If possible/I'll need a really good modder to do this)


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