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1. Vice City por favor?
2. Let you have 1 slot to save a car that will never disappear even after you exit the game, perhaps you have to buy the car. Since it's registered to you it won't be reported stolen and impounded.
3. Depending on the relevancy of it to the story, maybe the ability to buy new houses or apartments.
4. Drug dealing, like in Chinatown wars but with world models for the drugs.
5. More melee interactivity, like being able to break arms or perform headlocks and throws.
6. When you're stopped your break lights should be on.

Originally Posted by matt__jon View Post
redneck stuff... even blowing stuff up...
Meth Labs?

Originally Posted by Bigbeats23 View Post
...All R* would have to do is create a tranquilizer gun obviously, allow it work on all animals, and give players the ability to put stuff in and out of car trunks. Instantly, it gives the player so many random possibilities...

Thats 250,000+ lines of code right there. No offense but it seems like a waste of time and irrelevant to the story, unless the next game is "Grand Theft Auto 5: Honky-Tonk Shennanigans"

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