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g21122000 plz add me il be expecting a few friend requests maybe ill join your crew
Roman: cousin let us go bowl.... Niko FOR THE LAST TIME ROMAN IM NOT TAKING YOU BOWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Roman: ok another time Niko: (sigh) ok another time (drives to Roman) Roman: you changed your mind Niko? Niko:maybe (picks up shotgun and aims at roman) Roman:what are you doing cousin? Niko:something i should have done a long time ago (pulls trigger) Roman:NOO...... Nikogets out phone) ummmm jacob can you help ma get rid of this body before i get the police all over my ass Jacobk rasta i on ma way Niko:good Jacob:hello rasta i aint see you long time Niko:well i have my own buiseness to take care of anyway help me get this body in the trunk Jacob:whys this roman rasta? Niko: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dimitri got him Jacob:OH. END
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