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Originally Posted by vitamiins View Post
I would love to have something similar to Vice City. I still think it was best GTA. There could be something same shining, bright and 80's, that's all I want. And of course great story line. Probably continuing Vice City. I mean, at the end of Vice City Tommy said to Kent something like: "it seems like begining of a great business", and then all ends. There are no much of Vice City in San Andreas. I mean, I am not pro on SA, I didn't play it much enough to talk about it, all I know about it's connection with VC is that there appears Kent Rosenberg already alone and poor, so it may mean that Tommy is dead or something. So, for me it would be perfect if next GTA would tell us about this period from Vice City to San Andreas, between 1986 and 1992. May be not in person of Tommy Vercetti, but some new dude who kills or sends Tommy somwhere that VC ruins. All I wanted to say is that I would like that they would make something hugelly connected with Vice City.
They could do a present day Vice City, and have Vercetti the new boss, and some young gun working for him helping with the business. then have a bunch of new gangs, and one in rival of vercetti, and have vercetti die in a massive gunfight. and your character takes over the business and tracks down the gang and takes them out one by one. but have a twist in the middle where Vercetti wasnt the actual boss but a middle man to a bigger scheme. and the actual boss is working with the rival gang and had vercetti taken out because of his "take no shit" attitude. i dont know. i was just trying to build off something. alot of it is similar to gta anyway. so i dont know

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