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I agree with u matt Jon but only future will tell and rockstar might not do gta galaxy but I know the next gta will be amazing and full of surprises because I see that they have the most creative mind in vedio game production and rockstar will not let us down I am sure of it . But because agent the game is in one platform I think it would be easy to produce gta 5 for them not to tell that rocksar north wad working with agent as well as gta 4 and the episodical content with agent so I dout that gta v is underdevelopment and would be great game but it's just a matter of time and we must respect rockstar when they said that they don't want to depend on gta for money because one day will come and rockstar may lose ideas for the coming gta s and not depending on gta will help the company to assure better future and us gamers to experience better games and I see what's rockstar are doing now is the right choice for them and us . I really admire rockstar games and all Of the projects they come up with .
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