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Hi Bigbeats23
All people have the same idea . and it is a nice thing to play as the world but it will be great if R* does it . but still it is so hard in this point of time :
1-they cant fit it in Xbox 360
2-it is so hard to fix the weather from place to place the cars the police type and all .
3-later if they released the game . they will not make another gta becouse this has evrything .
4-the game would take 7-9 years to complete . people cant even wait 2 years or three (you understand)
songs different from one place to another
the amount of cool weapons
the war going on
they will have to put every importent place in the worls capital .
lots more
but if u will realy want to be happy i heard people saying that agent the game will take players around the globe .
so imagine and every thin is possible for rockstar .
but think if i could be like red dead redemption and 3.5 times larger with much deatails that would be cool . or
gta v london + ireland with much details would be nice .
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